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Who We Are...

Our Founder

Hi, I’m Lily! Like many of you, I’m a wife, mother and daughter. In 2015, spurred on by family and friends, I took a leap of faith and started Lily & Lacey™. It has forever changed my life for the better.

For the longest time, there was a lot I didn’t know about the personal care industry. Before having my first child I had never really considered what was actually in the products that I was using daily, or how it was decided what ingredients were and were not safe. I assumed we were living in a country where these products needed to be heavily regulated.

Once my journey into motherhood began, it opened my eyes. It shocked me to learn that many of the big name brands I’d used and trusted in the past were largely able to regulate themselves, and in turn exposed their customers to a myriad of harmful chemicals. And so began my passion for creating sustainable wellness practices for my family and loved ones. It was several years later that the idea of Lily & Lacey™ started to form...

Since taking that leap in 2015 I have been so fortunate to watch the Lily & Lacey™ community blossom, and I am so grateful that a big part of my day-to-day has been sharing the journey with my family, and specifically with my daughter Lacey. She has grown up sharing in both the successes and failures throughout this journey, and we have both learned that every experience, big or small, positive or negative, has incredible value.  It’s been incredibly humbling and thrilling to watch her – at such a young age – so naturally step into a role within this company. She has become so invested in the day-to-day, and routinely puts her stamp on new product and brand ideas. Our brand is truly a mother-daughter venture, and I’m excited to watch her evolve into a role within this growing business that I hope to one day pass on to her.

Why Lily & Lacey™?

Decades of research show that many serious health issues are on the rise, due in some part to the wide array of harsh and toxic chemicals that we expose ourselves to daily.

Did you know? The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) restricts the use of just 11 substances in personal care products. Now compare that to the more than 1,300 substances restricted by the European Union!


Our Mission

Created by Nature, Perfected for You.

Whether it’s what you’re using to wash your hair, clean your counters or scent your home, there are a whopping 8,000 chemicals on the market today. And a lot of these are in the beauty and personal care industry. It’s almost guaranteed that you’re exposed to multiple harsh chemicals every day, without even knowing it.

Here at Lily & Lacey™ we believe it's time for a change. And we think that change should be simple. 

Our Lily & Lacey™ journey began in early 2015 . We started with a few local shops, and were lucky to have found a loyal customer base whose values aligned with our own. Thanks to them we've been able to grow quickly, and we're very excited to now be launching our e-commerce store!

Lily & Lacey™ products can also be found on and as well as select Walmart local retailers.