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We've Changed our Name...

October 26, 2018 - From Lily & Lacey™ Founder, Lily Ellis:

In 2015, I began a journey that has forever changed my life for the better. And today I’m announcing our next big step...

We are changing our name!

What was once a solo endeavor has since evolved into a full-fledged family business. I am very excited to announce that my daughter, Lacey, is officially joining forces with me to take this small company to the next level.  

Why the change?

This company has always been based around the importance of community. Creating products that will enhance and better the lives of those I love has always been a huge driving force for me. But it’s also been about education, and creating sustainable wellness practices for families and loved ones.

I have been so fortunate to watch the LL community blossom since our brand launch in 2015, and I am so grateful that a big part of my day-to-day has been sharing the journey with family, specifically my daughter Lacey. We have shared in both the successes and failures, approaching each step along the way with the mindset that every single day should be treated as a gift. Every experience, big or small, positive or negative, has value and is simply part of the journey. It’s been incredibly humbling and thrilling to watch her – at such a young age - so naturally step into a role within this company. She has become so invested in the day-to-day goings ons, and routinely puts her stamp on new product and brand ideas. It simply feels right to make her role a little more official by incorporating her into the brand name. It’s a role she can evolve into while helping to grow a business that I hope to one day pass on to her.

Today we’re embarking on a shared journey, one that fills me to the brim with excitement. I get to work with one of the most inspiring young women that I know (though I may be a bit biased!), to do the work that I love. That work is creating products that offer you a truly holistic experience that is the perfect harmony of aesthetics and function.

The Lily & Lacey™ brand, much like the former version of itself, is and always will be committed to timeless wellness and body-care products that help bring out the special kind of confidence you only feel when you are totally comfortable in your own skin. 

Our products are created by nature, and perfected for you.

So what’s changing?

Along with a new name - Lily & Lacey™ - we will be freshening up our website as well as creating some exciting new content. Don’t worry! Our existing product collection will remain the same so your favorites will still be available.

But stay tuned, because exciting things are accompanying this re-brand.

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